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After spending years contributing to the MC community through lectures, writings, and social media outlets, I've gathered past lessons, history, culture, traditions, and personal thoughts into a monograph. This book is part academic history and part perspective. Through diligent research, I explain this life's origins and nuances. With the aid of philosophy, I impart wisdom in an attempt to understand where we are, how we got here, and what the future will look like.

This book is about the motorcycle club culture historically and in contemporary times, its traditions, past accounts, and how they came to be. It encompasses its established protocols, why they matter, its culture, and why it needs to be preserved—the monograph deals with theory, gender, race, philosophy, lessons, and history. I seek to offer perspective, advice, experiences, and wisdom on various topics.

On the other hand, I am also here to share my passion with the world. Education is my raison d’être. I deeply desire to share with listening ears the lessons I’ve acquired over the years and how they have aided my success. I recognize the many who love this lifestyle and echo those who express how they want to slow it's demise. This project is for those who have ruined the culture and those looking to save it.

Prophet Speaks About Historizing the MC Culture

  • I am so taking back by the critical thought that went into “Prophet Speaks About Historizing The MC Culture” and I have reviewed this with my chapter and they are all getting their own. If you are a serious student and love the MC life, then it’s your duty to know everything about it. This text should be your go to resource and everything else is now is on the bottom. -Richard Williamson 


    BOOK REVIEW: Prophet Speaks...


    So here's my review of the book Prophet Speaks About Historizing the MC Culture.


    First a disclaimer: I received no payment or any consideration for this review. I bought the book like everyone else. I know of Prophet and I have met him, but we do not share a close personal relationship, so there's no undue influence on this review from any friendship or interaction we have had.


    With that out of the way...


    Admittedly, I went into this with a little anxiety, good and otherwise. I'm always ready to hear about people's experiences and perspectives. However, the term protocol gets thrown around so loosely, I had a little fear that this was another protocol book.


    It is not.


    Prophet's put his background on display, and it was very easy to see what he was presenting as "the way it's been done" and what was "the way I'd like to see it done." That is a HUGE distinction that is lost a lot when reading through these groups and such.


    There were some opinions listed that made me want to do a victory lap around a clubhouse in praise. There were opinions that made me want to punch a wall (admittedly, our differing backgrounds were probably the root cause of that). But all in all, I read this book to gain perspective, not knowledge. Having that expectation, this was a pleasant read for me.


    That's not to say that there ain't no knowledge in there. There is. There's some history in there. There's some "common knowledge" in there. But there's also some challenge to the status quo in there. And I know that will make a lot of people sit up and get ready to type long screeds about how someone's OPINION is right or wrong. And I'm not here to debate opinion. Feel as you will. And the book lets you do that. It doesn't beat you over the head. It makes you think. It makes you question. And I'm here for ALL of that. Even if it pisses some folks off, especially those who simply want to be knowledge dispensers and don't want to be questioned or challenged. I hope that happens. I hope they get pissed. Because if they do, and if it makes them take a moment of pause and marinate on the words, then the book did its job.


    So consider this my recommendation to buy this book. I don't think you're wasting your money on it. I will not get into detail on what's in there because I'm not going to spoil it any more than I already have (a review of mine quoted a part of the book; IYKYK). It is available in softback and Kindle versions. -Tre Bam Bam

  • I read your book and it wasn’t exactly what I was thinking it was going to be. I was prepared for the same style of writing and topics that many have covered throughout our history, basic. I was expecting or in the back of my mind was expecting something very subjective and the authors opinions only. 

    What I discovered is something completely opposite and very critically throughout and a text written for the ones looking for a scholarly reference. This is the only one of it’s kind to my feeble knowledge and I have been a student of this culture for many years, and at the age of 54 I find myself still unsatisfied with my level of factual information from an historic point of view. Your text not only helped me with gaining some of those insights that I never knew. I have also have asked some of these questions for many years to men that proclaim to be the all knowing and found that they usually are depending on the one asking the question as someone  to take what they say and run with it. I have always dug for the truth in my own amateur ways. 

    Many questions came to mind while I was reading and it made me aware that this is not the same type of book that is usually put out and it caught me off guard. Right away my appreciation was instant. 

    I will read this text again and create my notes and question, with your permission can I submit them to you as a critical reader-response review? Not to challenge you on anything, but to close some of the gap or all of the gaps in my own understandings and personal devotion to the culture. 



    Richard “Will” Williamson 

    Armed Forces MC - Wisconsin

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