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An Intimate Conversation With Brandon Zackery


This is a service from famed author of erotic literature Brandon Zackery that is designed to give the client a disconnect from reality through a seductive phone all and a reconnection to the realm of erotic literature 


Clients will utilize the supplied contact box to schedule an intimate phone call with Brandon Zackery for the sole purpose of having me read erotic literature directly to the client. This phone call is designed to activate the cognitive sensations of the client as well as to offer a moment of escape from the daily reality that we all become surrounded by. Once booked and confirmed, clients need only to be ready to answer the call on the agreed upon date and time. The call will be predicated by a text message so the client can be prepared to answer. 


Options: clients will have the option to receive a wide variety of selections read to them from spoken word poetry to longer, more robust snippet scenes from the vast library of writings. 


Additional options include the upgraded package which comes with FaceTime/ webcam services. This adds another dimension that will greatly enhance the experience by bringing the client face to face with the author. 


Pricing: First Reading is completely free upon the purchase of both books, "Obsidian and Darkgasms" if the client so chooses.

Subsequent readings are $10 for (3) spoken word erotic poems or (1) longer, more robust erotic selection from the novel or short stories. 

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