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Darkgasms Anthology is a collection of erotic poems and short stories. Consisting of 78 individual pieces of literature, Darkgasms is a journey of lust, fiction, intimacy, and eroticism. 

The anthology has received rave reviews and high praise for its masterful wordplay, the writing style, and the intensity of each piece. 

Darkgasms Anthology is a must-read for anyone interested in erotic literature filled with dynamic word-play, deep visuals, and the submersion experience. 

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Limited Edition

obsidian cover.jpg

Obsidian, a Mysterotica 


For Denise, Chanel, Kayla, and Mona, it was never supposed to go as far as it did. It was only supposed to be fun. Just a couple of professional women living their best lives in the hustle and bustle of corporate America. A chance encounter with a powerful CEO named Christine with a very dark side changed all of that. 


Follow the mystery of twist and turns, learn the clues and share the adventure of these ladies as they dwell into a dark abyss of sex, romance, and riddles; ultimately leading them to the greatest and darkest discovery of their lives. 


What is Darkgasms? Find out for yourself in this new book of mystery and erotica. 




a hard, dark, glasslike volcanic rock formed by the rapid solidification of lava without crystallization.

This highly-praised book combines the elements of a mystery novel and the signature experience of erotica into one fast-paced adventure. 

This autographed volume is sold through my e-store below


Darkgasms Anthology Collectors Item is a HARDCOVER monograph designed with book enthusiasts in mind. It is built for those readers who love the feel of a hardcover book in their hands. It is complete with the same beautiful lyrics of lust and love that readers have come to adore. Additionally, the monograph is now filled with beautiful black and white photographs from Studio 7 Seven, The Factory of Photography collection. 

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